Thalassemia is a Preventable Blood Disorder:-

To serve the community by providing optimal quality blood and transfusion products & cost effective services through commitments, dedication and care and create an awareness by means of education in the field of transfusion medicine.

According to WHO data, India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units. This shortage can easily be eliminated if only an additional 2% of India's youth donates blood. To make this possible, “Apna Blood bank” acts as a channel connecting voluntary blood donors with those who need blood. It is a youth-run organization and provides free help and services to poor and the needy.

Jan Swasthya & Shiksha Samiti and Apna Blood Bank’s Initiative- STOP THALASEMIA:-

At the moment, the only practical solution for survival of children with thalassemia is multiple and frequent blood transfusion throughout life. Such a child needs one unit of blood every two to three months. This requirement goes up to two units of blood every three to four weeks. Apna Charitable Blood Bank Faridabad has adopted few thallasemic patients and decided to give blood free of cost to those children who are suffering from thalassemia. :

Support Hemophilia Patient-

Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which your blood doesn't clot normally because it lacks sufficient blood-clotting proteins (clotting factors). If you have hemophilia, you may bleed for a longer time after an injury than you would if your blood clotted normally.

Small cuts usually aren't much of a problem. The greater health concern is deep bleeding inside your body, especially in your knees, ankles and elbows. That internal bleeding can damage your organs and tissues, and may be life-threatening.

Signs and symptoms of spontaneous bleeding include:-

Unexplained and excessive bleeding from cuts or injuries, or after surgery or dental work
Many large or deep bruises
Unusual bleeding after vaccinations
Pain, swelling or tightness in your joints
Blood in your urine or stool
Nosebleeds without a known cause
In infants, unexplained irritability

How WE help?:-

We reach out to “Persons with Hemophilia (PWH)” To educate and provide proper information on Hemophilia Care to both

Persons with Hemophilia, their families and the medical fraternity
To provide treatment of hemophilia A & B by providing Anti hemophilia concentrate crayo-preeipitate,fresh frozn plasma. To work for the awarness or the hemophilia disease in our area of operating such as conducting Seminars,Workshops and

other relevant Material,
To Collect the Patients Data in order to investigate & analyze the occurrence of the disease.

Adopted Thalassemic child by APNA BLOOD BANK:-


Receive Blood Free if you are Thalassemic Patient

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